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Professional Company IT System and Network Maintenance

After a system is installed and running, you can’t just leave it alone.  Ongoing maintenance is very important aspect of all the components of an IT system. There are no perfect systems, and every system breaks down periodically. The idea is to anticipate problems with periodic maintenance to minimize the frequency of breakdowns and when they occur, reduce the downtime to a minimum. The classic Murphy’s Law says that “If it can happen, it will and at the worst possible time.” It’s been said that Murphy was an optimist. With our services, you will always have someone to call who will respond quickly to emergencies with a sense of urgency.

Professional Company IT System and Network Maintenance

An IT Infrastructure consist of elements building the usability and management of information and data. These are network systems, software, data storage, interfaces, and as well as the physical hardware needed to support an enterprise. 

DGROM Computer Services is one of the BEST IT Consulting firms in NJ and NYC. We provide IT Infrastructure Support everyday just by calling us between 9AM – 6PM. This can be achieved by billing hourly per call or by purchasing block of hours of IT support at a discounted price. Also, we provide Unlimited Monthly IT Support for a monthly fee.

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Some of the IT Infrastructure Issues We Address to:

  • Email Issues
  • Connectivity Issues/Troubleshooting Problems
  • Printing Problems
  • Slow System

Computer Service & Technology Assistance in New Jersey And New York City

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managed IT services nj nyc

Network Monitoring

We foresee problems with a periodic maintenance in order to minimize the frequency of system breakdowns that can affect your businesses’ productivity

Cloud email nj nyc

Cloud Email

We provide Office 365-any package-only email storage if the client already has Office 365 or the whole Office 365.

antivirus installation nj nyc


We install antivirus for workstations as well as servers. The backup solution is cloud based one and is much better than a regular antivirus client software.


Server/NAS Installation

Install brand new windows based servers by providing more complex users access as security on folders access or simple network attached storage where the users can have a central location for their data.

cable wiring installation

Cable/Wiring Installation

Installation of entire cable infrastructure with all is needed: cables, wall plates, patch panels, labeling. Clients will receive a connectivity report once the job is done.

server nas installation

Server Monitoring

We will keep your network safe and secure. We keep hackers away from stealing important data. Daily alerts are sent regarding your system's state.

desktop cloud based backup nj nyc

Desktop Backup

We provide backup for servers if the client has a server in place. The backup is cloud based and is checked daily by reviewing the alerts and weekly in more detail.

desktop laptop installation

Desktop/Laptop Installation

We help in installing or replacing all the workstations. We assist in installing the computers on the network, add users to desktops, and install applications.


Firewall Installation

Install gateways at the door of the clients’ network to secure the network and also provide secure remote access through VPN-virtual private access.

CCTV Installation

Security Camera Installation either residential or commercial. We also install wireless CCTV if the client doesn't want cables exposed.

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